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I am Fabian.
An independant
Creative Director
who helps
brands grow
with strategy
and design
for a digital


I fell in love with interactivity and design from the moment I first connected to the internet over my aunts computer. The possibilities to create something that is made, not just to communicate a message, but to be so engaging that people actually want to interact and spend time with it, fascinated me.

After more then 20 years of managerial and operational experience in brand-building and digital marketing, this love and fascination has only grown stronger. New tools and technologies disrupt the marketing landscape almost every other day. So much so, that it can be difficult to distinguish a short-term hype from a trend that is here to stay.

To navigate this ever growing landscape of possibilities in a world of of constant change, is what I do today with clients from start-up to blue-chip.

field of

In the ideal project I am given the chance to solve a marketing challenge that has a real business impact for my clients, with the task to find a solution that is efficient yet surprising.

Starting with the brand and what it has to offer in a digital world, going into activating the brand with a capturing story to tell on all relevant touchpoints and finally orchestrating cross-functional teams under a common vision towards launch.

Leading projects from end-to-end is fun and where I feel my experience can deliver the most value, but creative work also often means to be down in the weeds yourself and create bits and pieces of a broader scope - and I wear this double-hat with passion and a little pride!


Define brand core, identity and values including the creative translation into a brand-design that stands out.

- Brand Strategy
- Brand- Development & Identity
- Art & Creative Direction


Activate the brand using platforms and technology to reach people's hearts and minds.

- Digital Consulting & Strategy
- Creative Concept Development
- User Interface & Experience Design


Steering and leadership for production, implementation and roll-out.

- Team- & Agency Set-Ups
- Creative leadership & Management
- Presentations & Stakeholder Alignment

Trustful Partners.

Nothing I have ever done in my professional life, would have been possible without brave clients and talented people around me. So here is a selection of brands I had the humble honor to work with and some quotes what people I worked with have to say about me:
“Fabian is one of those, who do, who kick things off. He is a motivator to his teams, a creative leader with a digital heart and was always highly passionated. ”
Christoph Pietsch - Chief Growth Officer
Publicis Groupe Germany
“I really enjoyed working with Fabian, especially for his ability to quickly recognize conceptual gaps and at the same time approach challenges in a solution-oriented way: That's how we always achieved top results together!”
Florian Gräf - Digital Customer Business
Audi AG
“From concept, creative, organization to crowdfunding and launch: In record time with Fabian ! With passion and speed that was unique in 15 years of Viva con Agua.”
Michael Fritz - Co-Founder
Viva con Agua
“Probably the most inspiring and enthusiastic digital trailblazer I have worked with. Fabian has the rare talent to turn even the most boring and tedious projects around and spur people to action using his own excitement and love for our profession”
Lennart Wegner - Business Manager Strategy
Philipp & Keuntje


I started my career in 1997 founding my own graffiti-agency in my hometown Ludwigshafen. This lead me to studying communication & design in Düsseldorf. From there my creative journey took me across Germany to multiple agencies in various roles, then to the middle east (that I will forever be closely connected to) and back again to Hamburg, where I live today with my wife Jessica and my daughter Romy.

I am a member of the Art Directors Club Germany, the British D&AD as well as a permanent member of theFWA-Jury.