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Midjourney Concept-Art

Creative DirectionPhotographyUse of AI
Generative Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and I started to work with Midjourney ever since it was launched. I really enjoy the creative freedom this gives me to bring pictures to life straight from my mind, that otherwise might have never found their way into any kind of reality.

Some of the following images are part of a broader series, some are a series as presented. The variation in style, format, color, grading, etc. is intended and a result of the selection presented here.

None of the following images has been retouched or post-produced in any kind.

Impossible Fashion

Imagine fashion that can not exist, that brakes the boundaries of the physical possible. The perfect symbiosis of the impossible with the squirmy, yet visually pleasing, manifesting in tailor-made garments.

Animals of the Empire

What if ... my favorite movie meets some of the internets most famous pets?

Girls, guys 'n gasoline

USA - the Midwest in the late 60's. A group of friends run out of gas on a misty night. But the nearby gas-station holds a dark secret for them to discover. A series of cinematics.


A selection of portraits out of the many I made. The variation in style, models, time, backgrounds and aesthetics is intended, for the purposes to show scale and potential of AI-photography.

Rainbow installations

The world is better with rainbows. I love the contradiction they carry. The incomparably beautiful clash of rain and sunlight, resulting in an explosion of color. So from time to time I dream about installing them everywhere as art-pieces, transcending from my mind into physical space.